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Designed to make sharing a mindful experience simple, meaningful, and enjoyable, The Balance Kit includes:

  • Mindful Marks organized by designs that are easy to separate and keep tidy.
    • 72 total marks divided by color and design (1/2 inch each) 
    • 8 unique designs with suggested intentions
    • 9 marks for each of the 8 unique designs (3 charcoal, 3 metallic platinum, 3 metallic gold).
  • Choose Deck (8 total unique cards) to select Mindful Marks with (front of card) or without the suggested intention (back of card)
  • Invitation to Mindfulness with 6 take-away Intention cards
  • Tool Kit with Water Dropper for easy storing, sharing and application
  • Free Trial of our Monthly Marks ($9 value) -- sign up after your order

All Mindful Marks are individually perforated and will wear off when it's time to renew or refresh your commitment - typically a few days depending on placement and care.