Brighter Together

We love collaborating with Brighter Beings and organizations who share our passion for lighting a path for others to shine their brightest. As a mission-focused brand, giving back is core to our work and we focus on educators and the students they serve. Interested in exploring our give back program, co-created packs, a wholesale relationship, curated activations, or another possibility? Let's Connect!

  • LumenKind Collaborators Whole30 co-founder and CEO Melissa Urban, Vancouver Tourism Department, Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart.
  • LumenKind Collaborators Movement Maker Terri Broussard Williams, SXSW Wellness Conference, Bulletproof founder and Biohacker Dave Asprey.
  • LumenKind Collaborators Austin ISD and other school districts, ChakWave Author Jacquelyn Krieger, and MindBodyGreen.
  • LumenKind Collaborators Athleta, Productivity Expert Author Maura Thomas, and Education nonprofits.
  • LumenKind Collaborators Maggie Miller and Hannah Nokes of Magnify Impact, Austin Woman Magazine, and Personal Stylist Laurel Kinney.
  • LumenKind Collaborators mindfulness brands, the trail foundation, and Understory for women physicians.

Education and Training Tools

Tangible reminders to bring ideas into action.

 Our collaborators are experts in different aspects and approaches to personal growth and have developed proven methods, programs, and trainings. Together, we design packs of Mindful Marks to help deepen learning and apply helpful insights in daily life. 

Meet our Collaborators The entire contents of a pack of Mindful Marks — Movement Maker Pack.

Fun and Meaningful Experiences

Event activations to invite deeper connection.

The Mindful Mark Experience invites groups to grow together with a quick activity. Choose and apply a Mark with 3 deep breaths at a chosen time or table setup. Offering a mindful moment helps set a light and purposeful tone for in-person and virtual events.

Explore Experiences
Group on lawn and applies mindfulness tattoos. Table setup as event mindfulness exercise, women smiling wearing mindful marks.