Our Story

Discovering and staying true to your intentions can help you live a more meaningful, balanced, and peaceful life. Whether you are processing grief, raising children, or exploring new life pathways – we help you set, keep, and remember what matters most to you ... one moment, one breath at a time.

Hello There!

I'm Natalie and I started LumenKind because I believe there is a brilliant power inside every human, and that the key to shining our brightest is in this moment. I also know just how distracting and overwhelming life can be. 

So I embarked on this journey to create a system to help us rise above, starting with simple reminders to be present. I'm grateful to have you along with me!

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Brighter Being System

Our adaptive framework provides invitations to mindfulness, suggested intentions, and wearable reminders to help you grow - 'Mindful Marks.'  We have 32 Marks in our Library, organized into eight core themes to explore with us.

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Mindful Marks

Each Mindful Mark is designed with a specific intention in mind and then formed into a temporary tattoo that serves as a moment-to-moment reminder for you.

The skin-safe, vegetable-based inks fade in a matter of days – just long enough for an intention to be set with a mini-meditation, renewed, and refreshed.

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